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Uncovering Your Past Lives: The Past Steering the Present

Many of us have heard of the concept of past lives, but may not fully understand how these past experiences can affect our current life situations. What if our past lives have always played a significant role in shaping who we are and the experiences we have?

For example, those struggling with a fear of heights often have reoccurring dreams of an event. Is the dream in fact a memory with fear rooted in a past life experience of falling off a cliff, out of a tree, or any other precariously high location? By releasing the memory and trapped emotions associated with that past life experience, the individual may find that their fear of heights greatly decreases or even disappears altogether.

Another common example are folks who have a pattern of attracting toxic relationships. This pattern could be linked to a past life experience of betrayal, heartbreak, or living a life of oppression. By releasing the trapped emotions associated with that experience, most find that they are no longer attracted to toxic partners, are able to stand up for their personal needs and as a result are able to attract and grow healthy, loving relationships.

It is possible that the physical pains you are experiencing in this lifetime are not just rooted in your current experiences, but also in past lives. Imagine that in a previous lifetime you experienced a severe physical tragedy that left a deep impression on your energy field, just like PTSD. This memory may still be lingering, causing pain and difficulties in your current life, without you consciously aware of its origins. This often explains why traditional methods of treating your ailment have been ineffective, as they are not addressing the root cause in your past life. It may be worth exploring Past Life Regression through hypnosis or Soul Trauma Healing to find any of these stuck memories and alleviate the pain once and for all.

It is important to note that past lives are not the sole determining factor of our current life experiences. You aren't doomed to repeat them forever. By understanding and releasing trapped emotions from past lives, you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the patterns in your life or lives. This can lead to greater personal growth and the ability to manifest the life we truly desire here, now.

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